Traje de protección – Encapsulated suits



Trajes protección Hazmat Modelos A o B, protección contra salpicaduras, espalda expandida para alojar SCBA.

Fabric supported special PVC fabrics

Flame retardant, electrical shock proof, acid and alkali-proof, oil proof, harmful gas proof.

Gas tight, totally closed, with SCBA bag on the back.

S, M, L.

Working under the dangerous situation, like chemicals, corrosions, toxic gas and the Oxygen deficiency. Protect the fireman or wearer from the harm of the chemical danger. Avoid contact with the flame or fire.

Suit, head gear and fireman boot.

Technical Data
Thickness of Adhesive Cloth: 0.45± 0.05mm
Tensile Strength: Weft-wise direction ≥ 450N/5CM
Tear Strength: ≥ 32N
Anti-acid Penetration Performance: 3 kinds of acid of 80%H2SO4, 60%HNO3
30%HCLwill not penetrate in 1 hour with the quality of 10mm
Anti-base Penetration Performance: 6.1mol/L NaOH3 will not penetrate in 1 hour with the quality of 10mm
Anti-Petrol Performance: Continuous Burning Time: ≤ 2s
Fire-Resistant Time: ≤ 10s
Damage Length: ≤ 10cm without droplet
Temperature Ageing Resistance Performance: 125 degree × 24h.

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