Guante – Glove



Guantes uso bomberos diferentes modelos Norma NFPA – CE. Guantes de rescate con protección anti corte, anti llama, con huinchas reflectantes en dorso. Con barrera vapor. Modelo 5 dedos.

1. Outer layer: Aramid Fiber
2. Waterproof layer: PTFE
3. Thermal Barrier: flame Retardant felt
4. Comfortable layer: 50% aramid fiber and 50% viscose

raw leather

The back of the hand
reflective tape.

It is characterized by fire resistant and heat insulation, wear durability, waterproof, etc.

Five Fingers

It is useful for protecting the fire fighter when working in the emergency situation.

Technical data
1, the overall thermal protective performance of TPP over 28cal / cm2
2, mechanical properties:
Wear resistant properties of > 2000N
Cutting force > 15N
Tear strength more than or equal to 50N
Piercing force is more than or equal to 60N
the dorsum of the hand stitched with a width not less than 50mm ,

Breathable capacity ≥ 5000g/square meter 24h
Anti-static water-pressure ≥ 17000Pa

Continued Burning Time≤2s

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