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Traje uso Bomberos Fyrpro . Fyrpro Firefightings Garment, Norm CE BS. Marine Equipment Directive. Modelo europeo. Confección Nomex, huinchas reflectantes, barrera vapor. Cierre metálico separable en caso emergencia, tapa frontal cierre velcro.

Standard Design

Pockets: Jacket includes two covered pockets on each side with left chest pocket for radio and a microphone bracket
Double closed front: Velcro fixing and safety zipper
Wrist bands: Aramid knitting
Zippers: Metal teeth with quick release
Collar: Wide collar with collar closure system
Front opening: Closed with brass zipper which is covered by a Velcro sealed plate
Adjustable protective cuff: Velcro fire proofed and waterproof thumb ring design
Sewing thread: High quality Nomex thread.
Reflective trims: 3M fire retardant 50 mm yellow-grey-yellow strip

Elastic trouser waist with integral suspender
Two 4 cm wide elastic strips stitched into the waist band at the back of the trouser
Including two adjustable length 4 cm wide elastic strips with clips stitched into the waist at the front of the trouser.

NSN CODE: 8415-27-032-4389 (M)
NSN CODE: 8415-27-032-4392 (L)
NSN CODE: 8415-27-032-4395 (XL)

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