Uniforme Nomex – Uniforms



Chaqueta y Pantalón color tan. Confección Nomex uso bomberos, huinchas reflectantes. Forro interior barrera Vapor. Normas NFPA CE. con DRD.

Fire suits for combat fire Nomex, Norm NFPA CE with DRD. Reflective trims,vapor barrier.

1. Outer layer: Nomex IIIA out layer (210gsm, 7.0oz)
2. Waterproof layer: Aramid fiber cloth coated with PTFE (115gsm)
3. Thermal Barrier: 85% Nomex and 15% Kevlar fiber (150gsm)
4. Comfortable layer: 50% aramid fiber and 50% viscose (120gsm)
5. Reflective Tape: 3M reflective tape, 50mm width. 3M yellow silver yellow around upper and lower sleeve parts, on front of the chest and bottom parts of the jacket

Type 2
1. Outer layer: Nomex IIIA out layer (210gsm, 6.5oz)
2. Waterproof layer: PTFE Film
3. Thermal Barrier: Flame Retardant Felt
4. Comfortable layer: Cotton Lining

Jacket front zipper with velcro
Two pockets on the lower side of the jacket
Radio pocket with flap
Two side pocket on pants
Kevlar ribbed sleeve ends
High tenacity elastic belt installed on pants
Coat and pants or coverall

Fire fighters wear the suit for protecting themselves when putting out a fire
Flame-retarded, heat-resisting, waterproof, air permeable

The outside facing component layer is anti-static, acid- and alkali-resisting with good thermal stability

ISO9001:2008, EN469 certificate and test report of National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Navy blue, yellow, orange.

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